JUNGLE GYM with Sarah Stark

(No Prerequisite)

Get Fit. Get Strong. Increase Flexibility. Feel Good. With Sarah Stark, RHN RHEP is a Certified Fitness Professional and Nutritionist.The approach is simple work hard, have fun! This is a bodyweight-based program with dynamic movements. 

 Climb a rope, use a stall bar and learn dynamic bodyweight exercises. Jungle Gym  is a strength building workout; designed to tone and increase flexibility. Rise to the challenge! Get fit. Start now

It’s a weekly 1hr conditioning class, we’ll focus on strength and flexibility.

And…..you get a FREE MEAL PLAN! (high-performance, plant-based, anti-inflammatory)


Join us as we do our Stretch & Strength workout on stall bars, ropes, bar work and Ground exercises and  on mat using Stability balls, resistance bands and more.

1pm- 2pm
$80 for 4 week session or drop-in $25
4 week session - Tuesday
Next session begins on Every 4 weeks