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Silks 2/Aerial Sling -Choreography

(Prerequisite - Pre-Skills - Aerial Silks 1, Rope)

DSC01192 Street Festival Zero Gravity Circus  Take it to the next level! Create your own routine, continuing to learn  intermediate tricks and using tricks that you already know or are focusing on in other classes. Developing a character for your routine that will have transitions from ground to air and keeping movements flowing from one trick to another. You will also learn how important it is to use the fabric to its fullest. It can fly / float too!

Tuesday 6:30 pm-8 pm
$134.00 4wk-1x wk
$38.50 for Drop-in.
every 4 weeks on going 
Join any time
Next session begins on On going 
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Welcome to our NEW SITE!

new space testing out the equipment

new space testing out the equipment


Welcome to, the new home of FLY WITH ME.

We have a  new home just around the corner -163 Sterling rd , Unit 113

Stay tuned here for new classes, registration info, and more!

Workshops that we have had Bio Mechanics with Charlie Faraday, Flexibility with Erin Ball and Rope workshop with Scotty Don’t handstand  with Christopher Taylor, Ladder with Marsha Kennington! Character Development and flexibility with Angola Murdoch !

2 hr Events !  Have fun and try out aerial class with your friends, family or co- workers! Great way to celebrate anything!

Work shops ideas welcome – Straps, hola hoop, Stilt walking -Hammock with Diane McGrath Lokos! Ground work with Eric Lui.